Hi everyone! We are Chris, Carina, and Henri (our fur baby) from Santa Cruz, California. We are currently weekend overlanding warriors in our Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper that sits on a 2003 Ford Ranger truck; and yes occasional international travelers too. In the next few years, we plan to become full time overlanders, with the goal of visiting all (mainland) US States and Canadian Provinces, and someday tackling the PanAmerican Highway.

We created this site to share our adventures, pictures and stories, and travel tips that we learn along the way. When we travel, whether it be near or far, we go not to be tourists, but to experience the place as the locals do, hence our name, momentary locals. It is our philosophy and mindset for how we live our lives and how we travel. We hope you will join us!

Upcoming Trips:

April 2022 – Big Sur Weekend (Camper Trip)

May 2022 – Overland Expo West and Arizona/New Mexico (Camper Trip)

December 2022 – Argentina (International Trip)