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The Journey Begins

June 2019

It never fails. We can never leave by our self prescribed ‘departure time’. The hope is always to get out early to be able to get a good spot. We are heading to the 7th Annual FWC Customer Campout in Beckwourth. But we are two hours late. This is because we always underestimate how long the packing of the camper will take. One day we will have our routine down to a science.

Once on the road, the excitement and anticipation melts worries of time and deadlines. The open road allows my mind to wander, daydream, and explore deep thoughts. As we drive, I think about the gratitude I feel for our new camper and Chris’ foresight into how much we would enjoy it. I admit, I had my reservations in investing money into a pop up camper, I envisioning it just sitting, collecting dust, without use. Instead, in the three months we have owned it, we have camped more than we had in the last three years!! It has reconnected me to my love for the outdoors. There is nothing like waking up to the crisp clean air, surrounded by trees, the sound of birds chirping, wind gusting, and the rushing water of a stream. I have felt more grounded and focused than I have in a long time. And hence, the launching of this blog.

I was inspired to create this site to share our adventures, to share pictures and stories, and to share travel tips that we have learned along the way. When we travel, whether it be near or far, we go not to be tourists, but to see, feel, and experience the place through the eyes of those who live and love there. And that is what being momentary locals means to us. It is our philosophy and mindset for how we live our lives and how we travel. We are all momentary locals on this Earth, only here to enjoy the splendor of this world, it’s people, and cultures for a brief time. We hope through our pictures and stories to inspire and instill a sense of wonder of all this planet, its people, and cultures, have to offer. We hope you will join us on our travels.

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