Camper Trips, Oregon

Three Sisters Wilderness

(PNW Trip – Day 5)

July 3, 2019

After a couple days wandering park lands we decided it was time for a shower, the one thing we don’t have on our rig yet. Bend made a good home base for the night, plenty of breweries, good food and coffee, and beautiful parks to check out! We found a decent family owned motel to bed down for the night. The next morning, after one last shower, we were ready to head back into the wilderness. We made a pit stop at Sparrow Bakery for breakfast, which we highly recommend. Their croissant breakfast sandwich – so delicious!

We then headed west on Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway. Many of our stops come from my “ooh look at that!,” “wow let’s check that out!,” “what’s over there?,” or “where do you think that road goes?” Our first of many stops was at Sparks Lake. It was teeming with water sports enthusiasts and campers. We then headed to Green Lakes Trailhead and did a quick hike to Fall Creek Falls – so beautiful! Definitely worth a stop, it’s an easy 1.5 mile hike to the falls and back.

After the waterfalls, we continued on the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, passing multiple lakes on either side of the road. We made a spontaneous decision to turn take NF-4660 instead of continue on the Byway to Hwy 58. A scenic, off-road short-cut if you will. Our original plan was to camp by Waldo Lake but there were no dispersed camping sites, they were all paid sites ($24) and there were a ton of mosquitoes.

After using our jerry can to top off our gas tank, we hopped back on Hwy-58 towards McCredie Hot Springs. Unless we completely missed the hot springs, it was quite underwhelming. You could maybe fit one person at a time and only up to your shins.

MeCredie Hot Springs? (small pools on the left)

So once again, we headed back on Hwy-58 and decided to find a spot to camp along a National Forest Road. It took some time, many dead ends and spots where we couldn’t fit with our rig which forced us to back up. As we approached close to 8 pm (luckily it’s summer so it stays light out until past 9), we decided to be less picky and found a spot along NF-5876. It was nice enough, but you could hear freight trains in the distance throughout the night. We happened to be near a RR crossing so they blew their horns right there.

Trip Logistics:

The map above does not show this but NF-4660 goes along Davis Lake and then meets up with Hwy-58 by Odell Lake. On google maps it looks like it doesn’t connect, but it does, you can take Lava Odell Road from NF-4660. You will need to drive parallel to Hwy-58 but I promise it does meet up!

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