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Paris – Le Viaduc des Arts and Sainte-Chapelle Concert

France Trip – Day 2

September 9, 2019

After 10 hours of much needed sleep, we awoke for our first morning in Paris. We had a light breakfast and then headed out to enjoy more of the city. My brother and Christina decided to do their own thing, and since the rest of us have been here before, we decided to just stroll the streets enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of Paris and Canal Saint-Martin.

After having lunch at ‘Nous,’ which we would not recommend, we walked to the Bastille and then to the Le Viaduc des Arts. Chris and I discovered this place last time we visited Paris and really loved it. It is an old, abandoned railway turned into a planted walkway. From the walkway you can see lovely houses and buildings in either direction. It’s a nice 3 km or so walk from end to end. Under the archways are art galleries, shops, and cafes. We stopped at Café L’Arrosir, where we enjoyed café crème, crème brûlée, and espresso double.

Dinner consisted of homemade jambon cru and brie sandwiches – yum! After dinner, my parents treated us to a trip to Sainte-Chapelle for an intimate chamber orchestra concert. No videos were allowed, but here are some pictures from before the concert. It was absolutely amazing!

After the concert, we enjoyed a nice walk along the Seine before hopping back on the metro and calling it a night. Bon nuit à tous!

Photo credits: Carina, Chris, and Carina’s dad

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